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Things I did not blog about this fall…

…but considered writing about. This is a post to remind me to be more timely in the future.

Preservation NC Annual Conference

In September 2015, Preservation North Carolina held their annual conference in Salisbury, NC. This conference is a great opportunity to network with other preservationists in the state, and I always enjoy attending and learning more about a new town.

IMG_7257        Salisbury, NC DQ








Above are two of the photos I took while at the conference. Check out that Dairy Queen!

Wright Brothers National Memorial

In October 2015, my husband and I visited the Outer Banks for the first time and we checked out the Wright Brothers National Memorial. I also finally bought an NPS passport. Long overdue, I know. I guess now I’ll just have to visit all of those sites again. 😉

We were able to see a high quality interpretive program at the visitor center and museum. The Ranger was enthusiastic and worked to incorporate the kids in the audience into the program. The site itself extends over some acreage, and we rambled all over it to try and get an experiential feel for the Wright brothers and their assistants’ experiments. Visitors can hike up Big Kill Devil Hill and see the place from which several flight attempts were launched. I’d always heard that Kitty Hawk was the site of the first flight, but it was actually just the closest town with a telegraph office. The site is located in what is now the town of Kill Devil Hills.

Wright Bros Memorial

Confession? Perhaps my favorite part of the site is the fabulous mid-century visitor’s center. Just look at this architecture!